[GIVEAWAY] Should you buy iPhone 7 in Mid 2019 ? A very long term iPhone 7 REVIEW !

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iPhone 7 in 2019? this question must in the mind of a lot of people who are thinking of buying a new iPhone in 2019. In this video I showed you the pro and cons of iPhone 7 after using it for more than 7 months according to me the iPhone 7 is a great device performance and look wise. The phone has incredible 12MP AND & 7MP camera on the back and the front respectively and is rocking the two-year-old A10 fusion chip although it is two-year-old but does a great work in 2019 all thanks to Apple’s ability to optimize old and ageing hardware with its latest iOS updates. The device runs on the latest iOS 12 and will get an iOS 13 update later this year for more watch the entire video

Link to buy iPhone 7 - https://amzn.to/2JVNEWQ

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