Xiaomi Ninebot Bluetooth controlled Mini Segway Outdoor Ride

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Xiaomi may be better known for its range of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and smart home products, but the China-based electronics manufacturer just launched itself into the self-balancing scooter fray with the RMB 1,999 ($314) Ninebot Mini.
The Ninebot Mini was co-developed by Ninebot and Xiaomi, and its core selling point is its price — it claims to be around a quarter of the cost of other self-balancing scooters in China.
While the Ninebot Mini doesn’t have a handle, as such, more closely resembling so-called “hoverboards” (they don’t really hover) that have risen to prominence in many markets, it does sport a knee-high stick that detects the movement of the rider’s legs to help steer the device.

The Ninebot Mini also comes with a smartphone app that helps you control the direction of the scooter, though you’ll be reassured to know that it can only do so if nobody is on the scooter. In effect, it lets you use the scooter like a drone to deliver things — though this still raises questions around safety and potential mis-use. Additionally, the app lets you “lock” the scooter, after which an alarm will sound if the scooter is moved.

You can also get a whole lot of information live from your Segway using Bluetooth app and keep a track of your usage and mileage, battery life and much more. Not only that, you can also share your riding data online and get yourself ranked in online Ninebot Segway ranking lists. Who knows you can even make friends around you and nearby?

All in all, Xioami Ninebot Mini Segway is the first of its kind with such affordable price point and high quality Segway that does all and much more for what is advertised. I am one more, happy owner of Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Segway for now. With continued use, we will see what issues arise, and will keep my audience posted about those for sure.

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